Whether to buy quartz or machinery replica watches depends on these three points

The debate between quartz best replica watches and mechanical best replica watches has been around for a long time,and it is an old-fashioned issue.Mechanical watches look high-end and elegant,especially those models with complex functions such as tourbillon and minute repeater,and the back of the watch are even more eye-catching.But the quartz watch also has its advantages,the travel time is accurate,and there is no need to take care of it like a mechanical watch,saving worry and effort.They each have their own advantages,so is it better to buy a quartz watch or a mechanical watch?I think it depends on these three points.


Whether to buy a mechanical watch or a quartz watch,you must first consider your purchase purpose.By definition,a mechanical watch achieves travel time through purely physical mechanical winding,transmission and escapement,while quartz relies on electricity to supply energy.In terms of products,mechanical watches generally have a larger travel time error than quartz watches;quartz watches are accurate in travel time and low in cost,and the price of the same fake rolex brand is often cheaper than mechanical watches.Of course,when it comes to taste and value,it often has nothing to do with it.

If you want to choose a mechanical replica watches,you have to regard the best replica watches as an accessory,a work of art or even a luxury product,not just a timing tool.If you pay more attention to the function of telling the time,mechanical watches are not a good choice for ordinary people who lack the artistic vision to appreciate fine machinery.If you don’t wear them for a period of time,they will stop and you have to adjust the time.For fans of mechanical watches,manual winding is also a pleasure,but it may only add trouble to ordinary people.


Price should be said to be an important factor in buying Replicas de relojes a watch.Most people have a common understanding that the price of general mechanical watches is higher than that of quartz watches.Of course,you cannot compare those quartz watches produced by big brands with mechanical watches of ordinary brands.How does price matter?For example,if you have a 10,000 yuan quartz watch,others will definitely think it is of good grade,but if you have a 10,000 yuan mechanical replica watches,anyone who knows it will know that it is only of average grade.

If you only have a budget of 2,000,don’t think about it,buy a quartz watch honestly;if you have a budget of 5,000,there are some entry-level mechanical replica watches to choose from,but the playability is average;if you have a budget of 10,000 yuan,buy more Choice,but generally speaking,it is still at the entry level;if you have a budget of 50,000,then don’t hesitate to buy a mechanical watch,there are still many choices.Most of the above refers to men's watches.If it is a women's watch,there are hundreds of thousands of quartz watches.


This is the decisive factor in buying a watch.Even if it is a quartz watch,if you like it,you can buy it without hesitation,but if you don’t like it,you will give it up without hesitation even if it is a mechanical watch.For some people who regard watches as accessories that need to be replaced frequently,quartz watches have more colors,more styles,more choices,and cheaper prices,which may be more popular with them.And for those who are obsessed with the replica watches charm of machinery,even if they save money,they must take home their beloved mechanical watch(this must be within their own tolerance,don't argue about those hundreds of thousands and millions of three-question,to flywheel or something).

Whether the quartz watch is better or the mechanical watch is better,in the final analysis,it still depends on personal preferences and needs.There is no need to think that quartz watches are cheap and not high-grade.Don’t you see that those big brands still produce quartz watches.There is absolutely no need to think that mechanical watches are just pretending to show off.Zifeiyu knows the joy of fish.After all,the charm of machinery has been passed down for hundreds of years,and there must be its charm.Let us make more calm and objective choices instead of blindly following others.